Betfair and betting exchange tool


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Have you ever wanted to find a way of consistently winning on Betfair or betting exchanges?

It is every punters dream of having a tool that will ensure you make a profit regardless of the match result.

With the growing popularity of betting exchanges and in play betting it is now possible to act as both the bookmaker and the punter.

We have created a specialist tool, built and to be used with Microsoft Excel that will enable you to green up (generate profit regardless of the outcome) on specific football matches played in any league that offers the in play odds on Betfair.

The betting exchange buster is fully automated, meaning all you have to do is place the bets at the stakes and odds advised. You will need a Betfair account for this, sign up for one here and take advantage of their sign up offers.

So how does it work, you are wondering?

The betting exchange buster uses two of the most popular betting markets used on the betting exchanges today. Your stakes are placed in accordance to the odds available on each market and a successful mathematical trade will enable a “lock down” situation, where you will make a profit regardless of the match outcome (usually this will take place within the first quarter of the game) – allowing you to sit back, with a guaranteed profit in your back pocket. 

Bets can be placed in advance of the fixture taking place, in play manually by yourself – or by using betting exchange software to automatically place your bets at your required odds and stake.

Once your payment has been cleared and processed you will receive a unique download link, along with a quick explanation video. The betting exchange buster also has built in instructions and guides showing you exactly what each function does, but the principal and application is so easy to follow. There are no manual calculations or any working out to be done as the tool does all of this for you.

The product is available in xls (260kb) or xlsm (160kb) format in size, and is fully compatible with PC versions of Microsoft Excel 2003 and greater. 

This is a revolutionary betting tool that can ensure regular steady profits when used correctly and in accordance with our score predictions to optimise game selection. It is not available anywhere else on the web and we are limiting the amount sold. You will receive a unique download link once your payment has cleared allowing instant download to your PC and you could be profiting from it this very evening.