Our Football Data

We've broken down the 4 main data streams that we supply, giving a brief explanation about each page's offering. Whether it be data to test or create a profitable football system, or wanting to identify teams likely to perform in a certain way in play to open up opportunity to Back to Lay or Lay to Back, or just satisfying your general football data needs we have it covered. As a basic member, you'll be able to sample most of these features in the way of restricted cut down access, or sample files. Upgrading to Advanced will give you full unrestricted access to all of the below.

1 Today’s Data Download Files

This is available to Advanced Members only. A sample file is provided for Basic Members

This file is a standalone Excel file overwritten daily with updates usually made available between 3am and 5am each morning. The file is designed to give you an "at a glance" view of each team playing that day showing their detailed results and form over the last 6 matches played. Previous days files are stored and are available to download for advanced members by selecting the archived files option toward the right hand side, these date back to 06/08/2020...


Within each days file are the leagues operating that day separated by individual tabs towards the bottom left, and then a summary tab showing all the games being played that day.

Within the league tab the data shows the predicted score (assuming each team has met the relevant criteria to generate a score prediction) and the match details for each teams past 6 leagues games for the current season (less if a team has not yet completed games games).

Average bookmaker odds, as well as the closing Betfair Exchange odds are shown as well as goal times, half time scores, predicted result, profits if backing the result and various other data fields you get with outputs from our data dashboard.

These are really useful quick grab files that members use as their go to each day.

2 Data Dashboard

The dataset is limited to 10 rows for Basic Members

The data archive is the heartbeat of the website. Using the present filters you can hone in on specific matches to suit your needs. You can filter by League, Predicted Score, Predicted Odds, Actual Odds, Season, Month and more to generate the output you need. Aside to this you can select any date (back to 1998) to bring up the results for that day using the date picker function at the top.


Once you have run your report the profitability table at the bottom will give you an instant summary of your output, using both average bookmaker price and closing Betfair exchange price for both backing and laying. You can also see the percentage occurrence of the outputted games being Home Win, Draw, Away Win, Both Teams to Score frequency, Over and Under goal lines and odd or even goal frequency. You can also see the profitability if backing these outcomes using Average Bookmaker odds and Betfair Exchange odds where available.

All outputs can be sent to Excel for further analysis and additional data columns which do not display on the screen.

You can also save your criteria for easy recall next time using our "Save a Selection" function. You can create, name, amend and use an unlimited amount of different tick box permutations for recall next time.

3 Fixtures & Results

The dataset is limited to 10 rows for Basic Members

The fixtures and results page gives you a quick option for exporting en masse results and upcoming games for the league(s) of your choice. This page is a simplified version of the data dashboard without all the odds columns, score predictions and profit calculations.


You can select which leagues and seasons to display using the tick boxes and send your output to screen or Excel for further analysis.

4 Head to Head

The dataset is limited to 10 rows for Basic Members

The H2H functionality does as it says on the tin. It allows you to compare two teams against each other. Output will be generated as long as the teams have previously played each other in the league (dating back to 1998). Any 2 teams can be selected by using the "Home Team" and "Away Team" filters and clicking get games.


You can also tick the “include both home and away games” box to bring up previous games regardless of who was playing at home. The output will be consistent in terms of layout with that of the data dashboard and can also be sent to Excel for further analysis and columns if required.

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