Voluntary Donations

Help Support the Site

Due to the limited amount of football and racing during the coronavirus outbreak, we took the decision to suspend all monthly payments until some semblance of normality has been resumed. Members will still have FULL access to the site during the payment suspension period. We've been overwhelmed by the feedback we have received, messages of gratitude, praise, support and most of all offers of help.

As you all know, we keep our membership prices as low as we possibly can, they have remained the same level for over 2 years now despite rising domain, hosting, service, and other day to day charges. We also refuse to place any adverts on our site as we know how intrusive and frustrating these can be. We have made a small increase for new monthly members recently, because of the high turnover of subscriptions, which creates additional admin costs but we still feel we are excellent value for money.

We are therefore allowing members and visitors that want to make a donation, no matter how small, to help the site remain sustainable throughout this troublesome period. We still have bills, development costs and fees to pay, as do a lot of people and small businesses, that's why this is purely optional for those that have already kindly offered and those that are happy to do so.

The simple PayPal donation button above will allow you to complete your act of kindness, no additional details etc will be taken it's a simple PayPal donation transaction. Thank you so much in advance, and lets hope things return to normal sooner rather than later.