How do I upgrade to advanced member?

The direct link to upgrade is here. You can select either a singular membership, or a joint (which grants access to both racing-bet-data and football-bet-data). Membership subscription periods are either monthly or annual and you can chose to process these through either Paypal or Stripe.

Why do you charge for memberships?

In an ideal world we would open our whole site up for free to everybody. The truth is that most months Football-Bet-Data operate at a loss, and the prices we charge are the lowest we possibly can. The money generated from membership fees are re-directed back into the business enabling growth and additional features - so if it wasn't for the funding we do receive - there quite simply would be no site to bring to you, and no additional features or improvements being added.

Account Issues

I have upgraded my account but I still have restricted access to the dashboards?

Once you have completed the registration form that you would have been directed to upon payment completion you should be able to log straight in for full functionality.

If you have completed the form but still have restricted access please ensure you clear your cache & cookies, and close all open browsers and login again. It maybe that your session as a basic member is still active.

Please also check to ensure you have entered your login details correctly.

If you are still having problems please contact us.

I have paid but cannot access the data yet?

As soon as you have completed the registration form your access should be automatically in place. If you have completed the form, make sure you have not paid using an Echeque. Echeques take anywhere from 5 - 10 days to clear and your account access will not be granted until the payment has cleared.

Please check you are entering your details exactly as on sign up. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the Forgot Password link under the sign in form and follow the instructions given.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You should cancel your subscription through your own payment account which will revert your access to basic and ensure no further charges are made. The links below will take you to your subscription management page depending on the payment gateway you have chosen.

Link to manage account through Paypal

Link to manage account through Stripe

Do I have to log in each time I go to create a system or access archived data?

You session will "time out" after about 20 minutes of inactivity and you will then be required to login once more. If you are using a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome - the dashboard will have the ability to remember your username / password combination for easy sign in.

How do I change my password?

We always recommend you use a UNIQUE password for your logins with Football-Bet-Data and Racing-Bet-Data that are different to passwords you may use for banking, email or other online accounts. Please note passwords are case sensitive and can contain only alpha-numeric or a few special characters.

To change your password please visit "My Account" tab from the top right of the screen which will allow you to access your account details. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the Forgot Password link under the sign in form and follow the instructions given.

Data Dashboard

How do I use the dashboards for system creation?

The dashboard is made up of a series of tick box criteria and numeric boxes. To ensure your search produces an output you must ensure that at least one box per section is ticked (or valid numerical values entered in the minimum and maximum boxes). You must use decimal odds between 0 and 100. If you leave these blank, they will be omitted from the criteria and you will receive a message informing you so at the end.

If you wanted to find games that were predicted to be 1-0 or 0-1, you can select these scorelines by looking along the top header from the core prediction section, finding the value "1", and then ticking the 0-1 and 1-0 selections. All exports can be sent to either screen (which will show additional summary boxes of the selections) or to Excel.

Can I still use the site if I do not have Excel?

Yes, you do not have to download information, but by downloading you can access more data than is possible to display on the screen only. Also if you don't have Excel, you can download using Open Office as an alternative.

What do the figures mean in the data summary table?

The summary table provides an overview of the matches that have met your desired criteria. The profit / loss figures are the result of backing or laying our predictions at level stakes (10 units per match result and 1 unit per correct score result) for the average bookmaker odds. We also provide Betfair Exchange odds and a 10 unit stake is use for both backing and laying with a 2% commission rate automatically deducted on winning selections.

We also analyse the outcome of the games in terms of percentage, returns on average odds and returns on Betfair Exchange odds (again using 10 units per match).

I get an error message while searching the databases?

A search error may occur if you have not completed the tick box selection (for instance you have not selected any score predictions, seasons or leagues) within your search, please ensure you have at least one selection made per section.

What are predicted odds?

The predicted odds are the statistically generated "true" odds as generated by our system in decimal format using a statistical calculation.

What are GG odds?

GG odds are = predicted goals galore odds, or both teams to score "yes" as its otherwise known. The lower the odds, the more likely both teams are of scoring.

What is over / under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 etc?

Using 2.5 as an example, 2.5 is the middle mark between 2 goals and 3 goals. Therefore under 2.5 goals means 2 goals or less in the game. Over 2.5 means 3 goals or more.

How often is the database updated?

Our data is updated daily at around 5am UK time, 8am on weekends when there are more fixtures.

Why are there some games with no predictions?

We only started publishing score predictions from 2006 when the site was launched so games prior to this also have no predictions associated with them.

Some games in southern hemisphere leagues kick off before or during our automated calculation process, so games starting between midnight and 2am (UK time) are also excluded from predictions.

These games are still stored in our database with their odds data, results, half time scores etc available, you just need to make sure the box "select games with no predictions" is ticked when completing your search.

The first 5 home and first 5 away games for each team in a new season have no predictions as there isn't enough recent form for our calculations to accurately predict the outcome.

Why do some selections that meet my criteria disappear after a game?

If you create a betting system based around the actual odds available, it is always possible that odds movement on the day of the game will mean a selection won't become a pick (or vice versa) as the game approaches kick off. We recommend monitoring the odds of a game leading up to kick off as team changes, injuries and weather conditions can all influence odds as a game approaches kick off time.

The odds displayed on the day of a game are the average odds on offer at 2am UK time, the odds displayed after a game has been played are the closing odds, and this can sometimes lead to selections falling in or out of any system that uses actual odds as part of the criteria.

I can only see restricted access when creating a system or accessing data?

Basic members have restricted access to our dashboards. To remove this restriction you will need to upgrade your account here.

The dashboards appear to freeze or take a long time to load?

Try cutting down on the criteria you are selecting or select the "Direct to Excel" option. It is likely that the report you are trying to generate is too big for either your machine or the server. If you don't want to change any of your filter criteria, then try filtering out certain leagues or years / seasons and running more than one search.

If you are having trouble loading a dashboard then please try again in a few minutes. Routine schedule maintenance can occur during the day which will cause a short downtime of a couple of minutes.

What leagues are covered?

We currently cover over 65 leagues, these are displayed within the key on both the data dashboard and fixture and results pages. Some of the leagues run during the traditional summer months (May to August) so Football-Bet-Data provides predictions 365 days a year. We do not currently analyse or display data for play-off games (including where a league splits), cup competitions or international games.

Can I save my present filter selections?

On our create a system dashboard we have a feature called "selection management" that allows advanced users to create, save, amend or delete as many systems as they like. Each system can be named, and then easily recalled in the future to keep track on historical results or find upcoming selections.

Why is a game predicted to be won by the away team, but they are not the favourites according to predicted odds?

We use various different statistical techniques to predict the scoreline and the odds. It is quite possible that a game could be predicted to be an away win, but the home teams projected odds are lower. We encourage all our members to build their systems and selections around more than one factor.

How are the score predictions generated?

Our score predictions are generated using a range of statistical calculations. These include head to head meetings of the teams, recent form and the league dynamics with weighting factors applied, these become available once the home team has played 5 home league games, and the away team 5 away league games.

Why wont the create betting dashboard show predictions for games further ahead of today?

As mentioned above, the score predictions (and also odds projections) are dependent on other results in that league (as one of the factors) - so predictions for games taking place in one week's time are not robust today. They are only firmed up on the day of the game. You can still view fixtures and odds for upcoming games. We did conduct a member poll back in 2023 whether we should show predictions further into the future with the caveat that they could change as more games in that league are played and the overwhelming majority said “No – leave as is”.

Can the dashboard create a profitable system?

Yes absolutely it can, and we have members who contact us advising so. Members also run blogs, social media threads and post contributions to betting forums or independent review sites discussing strategies, but naturally some of the most profitable are kept under wraps. Many of these have been running for months or years and are highly profitable. As always with betting though discipline a good staking plan and obtaining the best odds available are equally important as finding a successful system. It may take you a few attempts and some trial and error along the way, but you will get there.

There are less than 2% of total punters who are ever profitable, please use our data to ensure you join this elite group. Profiting at football should be a long term goal, with gradual but steady profits. If you are looking for a site claiming to make you thousands from 1 unit stakes, then please keep looking - and then come back to us when you find such a site doesn't exist :-)

What odds do you use that are displayed?

The odds displayed in our betting dashboard and head to head pages are the average odds from all bookmakers offering bets on each particular game as well as the Betfair Exchange odds.

As mentioned in an earlier question, the odds before a game is played are taken at 2am UK time on the day of a game, and odds displayed after a game were the odds at kick off time. Bookmaker odds are usually available 3 to 4 days in advance of a game, but be aware that the odds can change significantly leading up to the day of the game, Betfair Exchange odds are available on the day of the game to ensure the markets are formed with enough liquidity to ensure the odds published are significant enough and after a game has been played the closing market odds are displayed.

What data do you provide within the dashboards?

We provide the average bookmaker odds in the home, draw, away markets, Double chance market, over and under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 odds, Both teams to score odds and Draw no bet markets. We also provide Betfair Exchange odds for home, draw, away, double change and over and under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 markets within the create a system dashboard.

We also provide full time scores and results as well as half time scores, goal times and results for games applicable. All of this is displayed when you download your selections to Excel from the main dashboard. The fixture and results page contains a leaner output which means the file size is smaller and therefore quicker to download.


Can output from the dashboard be downloaded?

We have a feature allowing you to quickly export your selections to Excel. Simply click the "Direct to Excel" button that appears at the bottom of the tick-boxes.

Alternatively you can click "Get Games" to display the data on screen, and then export to Excel. This output will also include additional information not displayed on the screen.

How do I use the dashboard for data extraction?

If you wanted to get data output for the English Premier League for season 2022-23, you would select the relevant league code (In this instance E0) within the tick box range. Then select all score predictions, and also include matches with no predictions (games with no predictions are covered in another question), leave all the odds ranges to default, and tick the relevant season from the Winter filter and click Get Games. This will display a brief overview of all the games which can then be exported to Excel directly with full odds data within the download.

Alternatively you could use the "fixtures & results" menu which will give you the basic output, but in a smaller file. This will also give you all future fixtures as well as past results.

I am having problems downloading data to Excel?

The issue might be related to Microsoft Security Update KB3115262 for Excel that was released July 12, 2016. The security update information can be found in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-088 - Critical.

Try these workarounds (in order of preference):

  • Instead of clicking Open, save the file and then open it.
  • In Excel Trust Center> Trust Center Settings > Protected View, uncheck the top two options. This is potentially unsafe.
  • Uninstall the security update


Do you have an API feed?

There is no API feed available. We try to keep our membership prices as low as physically possible, and we refuse to splash intrusive advertising banners all over our site. To add things like an API feed may price a lot of our members out of our service and that isn't something we are looking to do. If you have Python/VBA skills you can automate most of the data/file extraction from our site.