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How to use the Site

Our data archive is made up of a series of tick box filters allowing you to design and create bespoke search criteria which can be saved and recalled at your convenience.

The results will display a profit and loss summary as well as a full breakdown of results which can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

There are some useful clickable keys that help explain some of the abbreviated selection options and output.

Our FAQ page is designed to assist with some of the most common questions, and you can always contact us should you have any queries or questions.

The videos below will help give you a general idea of what our software can offer and will hopefully start to generate some ideas as to how you might be able to put the data to use as the options and permutations are limitless.

Video Guides

1) Sign up, Login and Account basics

2) Familiarising yourself with the dashboard

3) Using Fixtures & Results and Head to Head data

4) Saving your system for easy recall